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How Many Lines in a Limerick Book Cover

How Many Lines in a Limerick?

by Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan

Poetic Form and Literary Terms for Kids of All Ages

How Many Lines in a Limerick? introduces readers to poetic forms like sonnets, nonets and limericks, poetic stanzas of various lengths, and metered lines that demonstrate the beat and rhythm of rhymed and unrhymed poetry. The creative examples and word play draw readers of all ages to the vast variety of poetry and invite children to use their inventive artistry to write as well.

Publisher: Clearfork Publishing
Published: September 2020


“Children who love poems will be fascinated with this teaching collection. How Many Lines in a Limerick?, written by Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan and illustrated by Jennifer Gibson, begins with a section of poems that teach many different types of poetry, not just limericks. This book introduces Sonnets, Diamante, Haiku, Acrostic, Nonet, Vilanelle, Couplet, and Triolet. The author introduces each type of poem by writing a poem in the style that explains the rules for the style. Then she follows it with an original poem on a unique subject. If you know a child who is fascinated by wordplay, this book will keep him or her busy writing poems of their own. The variety of forms and styles will keep children and their parents interested for hours. You could even have a poetry writing party with this book as a guide.

How Many Lines in a Limerick? by Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan will inspire children to become the poets of their generation. By writing her own poems, Shobha shows that original poetry can be fun. It can be about anything you find fascinating. It can show off your love of food, or animals, or clothing, or anything else, no matter how silly or how unusual. The pictures by Jennifer Gibson add a sense of humor to the pages. Poetry doesn’t have to be just words on a page. It can be pictures, too. Sometimes the words wrap around the pictures. Move over Seuss and Shakespeare. New poets are learning this craft.”

– Lois J Wickstrom for Readers’ Favorite

“These sophisticated poems are fun, inventive and deceptively simple; they hide some important and difficult ideas. Am impressed by your linguistic dexterity. Teachers will appreciate the book; it’ll make their job of explaining unfamiliar poetic forms much and children will grasp them much better for there’s nothing like fun rhymes to attract and keep their attention. I loved the way you’ve woven the themes of family, home, love and friendship into these delightful poems.”

– Khyrunnisa, award winning children’s author

“This is a book PACKED with information for little poets.You can learn all about sonnets, limericks, couplets, Diamante, acrostic and more. Shobha deftly describes each form of poetry in verse and then follows it up with her own delightful poem that follows that particular format.”

– Sandhya Acharya, published children’s author

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