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Great Indian Stories

Below are the links to audio stories that I have re-written and voiced for a unique project designed to draw children into an entertaining world of mythology and morals, drama and dance.

Stories open young minds to new worlds.

The purpose of the retelling is to educate and inspire these formative minds with simple tales that illustrate by example, and teach lessons for daily life.

The stories are time old, and familiar, and are part of the collective consciousness of many of an older generation.

Here is a link to a short video that introduces you to the series.

Here’s the link to watch other videos from the series
(Choreography and presentation by Bharatnatyam dancer, Dr. Rajashree Warrier)

Right Mind and Wrong Mind

The King and the Foolish

The Wise Sage and Shrewd Thief

The Bug and The Flea

How The Crow Killed the Black Snake

The Jackal and the War Drum

The Monkey and the Wedge

Heron and the Crab

The Fall and Rise of the Merchant

The Story of the Blue Jackal

The Lion, Camel, Jackal, Leopard and The Crow

The Fighting Goats and the Greedy Jackal

The Turtle Who Fell off the Stick

The Tale of Three Fishes

The Hermit and the Mouse

Two Pheasant and the Sea

The Bird and the Monkeys

The Elephants and the Mice

Of Crows and Owls